End of Year Update – 2013

It’s been a difficult year for me, mostly due to health issues. But I’m still writing, so don’t give up hope! I’m having surgery in about 10 hours, and probably a liquid diet for Christmas.

e-Sc@pe: Dual Core isn’t ready yet, but keep watching. I want to give it a bit more polish than I gave the first book.

I’ve also been working on a little side project; a few short stories that I will release in e-book format only. Those will be ready before Dual Core, and will give a different perspective on what’s going on elsewhere in the Mega-Corp. You’ll gain an interesting perspective on Serge Bross. With a keen eye, you may even be able to spot some foreshadowing hints from the first novel that are directly related to the short stories.

For everyone who has purchased an e-book and / or the paperback novel, thank you. Your encouragement means a lot more than you’ll ever know. (And the financial support is greatly appreciated. Hospital visits aren’t cheap.)

And if you haven’t read the first novel yet, you can pick it up on Amazon.com.  e-Sc@pe: Nascent

It’s available in paperback and e-book formats.

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