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99 ¢ e-book Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year again! The e-Sc@pe e-book Holiday Sale! The holiday season creeps up on us all too fast it seems.  Things are moving much more slowly than I wanted to. For those of you that haven’t given up on me, I appreciate it sincerely. As a reward for that loyalty, I will be posting the first chapter to a short story of something I’ve been working on very soon as a sneak preview.

In the mean time, for those of you that haven’t purchased the e-Sc@pe: Nascent e-book yet, go check it out! You know what, in the spirit of giving, I’m going to practically give it away for 99¢. So if you’ve been on the fence before about buying it, now you don’t have any excuse. Buy it for yourself! Buy it for a friend! Buy it for a friend of a friend! It’s the perfect cheap holiday gift!

You don’t even need a Kindle to read it! Amazon provides FREE e-book reading software!

After reading it, if you think I sold it to you too cheaply, you can always donate extra money via my Pay-pal link, or purchase e-Sc@pe: Nascent in paperback! That way, you’ll have something tangible, something you can hold in this age of fleeting digital information that can vanish in the blink of an eye.


I know many people out there, especially younger people, probably think reading isn’t cool, and would rather watch t.v. or play video games. I strongly urge you to try it. A good book and your imagination can be more entertaining than any movie or game. It’s also excellent exercise for your brain and will improve your reading comprehension over time. This results in improvement in every aspect of your life.

Some younger people I’ve met that do read, they think an e-book will outlast paper media. I’ve ran across quite a few of them. They haven’t encountered data-rot yet.  This my counter-argument when someone says “books are dead”. There will always be a need for books. They take no electricity to read, and they’ve already withstood the test of time.  So even if it isn’t my book, I strongly encourage you to buy physical copies of your favourite books!  Start your own personal library.  Alas, I could go on and on about this subject; but I’ll save that for another post.

If you don’t get anything else from reading this, at least walk away with this. READ! It’s good for you!

Writing – Update – Health Blues


Don’t worry, I’m still writing new material for the e-Sc@pe universe. It’s not happening as fast as I would like it to. Life has thrown me a few curve balls with my health. I’m learning to deal with life from a wheelchair. I’m writing a separate journal with notes about that as well. Maybe one day I can turn that into a (rather funny) book or something. Writing about it keeps me from becoming completely depressed about it.


Anywho, about my health… long story short, I have avascular necrosis in both hips. The docs don’t know the cause, but I need to get my hips replaced. I’ve also got bursitis in both hips. (I thought only old people got this stuff…) I get my health care through the Veterans Administration, so getting anything done takes a while. Fortunately in this case, they decided to outsource me, so it’s just tons of paperwork to wade through, constantly writing out forms, etc….

I had one surgery on my left hip called “core decompression with a vascularized bone graft” in an attempt to save it, as it wasn’t as damaged as my right hip. At the time of the surgery it was determined the right hip would need to be replaced, it was just a matter of when. But we had a shot with the left one, so I agreed to it.

Basically they took a bone graft along with some attached blood vessels from the iliac crest from my left pelvis, then drilled a hole into my left hip and hollowed out a little chamber, removing dead bone from the inside. Then they shoved the bone graft into that hole, and attached those blood vessels to the rest of my circulatory system, causing the chamber to fill with blood. Then they squirted some stem cells in there that they had harvested from my own blood earlier in the procedure to speed up the healing process, and sewed me back up. All in all, it was a painful surgery compared to past surgeries. The site where they took the bone graft from hurt more than anything else.

I was out of work for a week, so I did get some writing done. Though a lot of it was incoherent due to the pain meds, and pretty much useless…

About two months after the surgery, I had a bout with Shingles that involved several dermatomes. That is by far the most painful virus I have ever experienced in my life. It hurt worse than the surgery I had just had! I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. It left behind numerous scars that will probably never go away.  Fortunately, a few weeks before that happened, the VA began outsourcing me to a pain management clinic of my choosing due to the various pain meds all these docs had been putting me on.

My last visit with the orthopedic surgeon revealed the previous core decompression surgery was a failure. But they don’t want to go forward on any more surgery planning until they are sure I’m completely over the Shingles. So until then it’s take X-rays every 3 months to monitor the de-generation.

The pain management clinic is giving me nerve blocks and has me on a pain patch. If the hip surgeon delays too long, the pain management clinic will perform a procedure where they will go in and burn some nerves in my hips to ease the pain. If that works, I may not have to wear the pain patch for 6 – 12 months. Those nerves do grow back, just very slowly. Personally, I just wish they’d hurry up and replace the hips while I’m young enough to enjoy walking. I find all of it very frustrating.


Anywho, the important thing is I’m still writing. So don’t give up on me! The short story I started out writing to fill in the gap until the sequel to the first novel is finished has gotten a bit longer than I intended. I need to do a bit of trimming on that, but hopefully I’ll hand it over to my editor soon. Once I get to that point with it, things should start picking up.

I’m also involved in a collaboration project with a friend of mine. I can’t really say much about it yet, but as soon as I can, I’ll post about it here, including links, etc.

Surgery Success – Hooray

I’m home now, hooray! The surgery went well. The hiatal hernia was pretty big. The incision hurts, but it is a different kind of hurt than before. You know, the good kind of hurt that lets you know something is healing, instead of the one that says, “Oww oww something isn’t right!” I still need to be careful and avoid sudden movements; Otherwise, it’ll light me up like a Christmas tree. 🙂

I have a big scar now(well it really isn’t all that big), and several little pokey-holes from where they tried key-hole surgery first. They are all healing up nicely. But most importantly, the problem is fixed.

If you ever need surgery, I recommend this guy; He is a general surgeon. He is good at what he does, he’s nice, and he has an excellent sense of humor. He also explains everything to you, so there are no surprises. Forsyth Surgical Associates

As far as activities go, I’m pretty limited at the moment. No lifting more than 10 lbs. for two months. My body needs time to heal and all that. However, I can eat soft foods; Christmas won’t be horrible at the dinner table. I’m still not moving around a lot, but I am making an effort to exercise so my muscles don’t get stiff.

I’m also writing in between naps, so progress is being made. It still isn’t going as fast as I would like it to go, but I suppose that’s just the way life works out.

I would also like to thank everyone for the well wishes. Those mean a lot to me. The cards are awesome too! I had them pinned to the cork board in my hospital room, and brought them home with me. It made me smile when I saw those right after surgery.

End of Year Update – 2013

It’s been a difficult year for me, mostly due to health issues. But I’m still writing, so don’t give up hope! I’m having surgery in about 10 hours, and probably a liquid diet for Christmas.

e-Sc@pe: Dual Core isn’t ready yet, but keep watching. I want to give it a bit more polish than I gave the first book.

I’ve also been working on a little side project; a few short stories that I will release in e-book format only. Those will be ready before Dual Core, and will give a different perspective on what’s going on elsewhere in the Mega-Corp. You’ll gain an interesting perspective on Serge Bross. With a keen eye, you may even be able to spot some foreshadowing hints from the first novel that are directly related to the short stories.

For everyone who has purchased an e-book and / or the paperback novel, thank you. Your encouragement means a lot more than you’ll ever know. (And the financial support is greatly appreciated. Hospital visits aren’t cheap.)

And if you haven’t read the first novel yet, you can pick it up on Amazon.com.  e-Sc@pe: Nascent

It’s available in paperback and e-book formats.

Black Caviar Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to get people interested in reading books as well as finding something new to read. It’s well worth joining one that suits your interest.

I want to thank the people over at Black Caviar Book Club. They have been kind enough to include e-Sc@pe: Nascent on their site. It’s an excellent site for deciding what to read next. They have an amazing compilation of titles and information.

Take a look and fall in love with a book!

e-Sc@pe: Dual Core – Still working on it.

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still working on the second book: e-Sc@pe: Dual Core. As soon as I have a definitive time table on its release I’ll post it here. I’m still trying to get the cover finished but as soon as that’s done I’ll upload it.

e-Sc@pe: Nascent Holiday Sale!

Holiday sales have ended. But keep checking in for the next sale, or sign up for the mailing list to stay informed.


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