e-book Holiday Sale – 99 e-Sc@pe: Nascent!

99 ¢ e-book Holiday Sale

It’s that time of year again! The e-Sc@pe e-book Holiday Sale! The holiday season creeps up on us all too fast it seems.  Things are moving much more slowly than I wanted to. For those of you that haven’t given up on me, I appreciate it sincerely. As a reward for that loyalty, I will be posting the first chapter to a short story of something I’ve been working on very soon as a sneak preview.

In the mean time, for those of you that haven’t purchased the e-Sc@pe: Nascent e-book yet, go check it out! You know what, in the spirit of giving, I’m going to practically give it away for 99¢. So if you’ve been on the fence before about buying it, now you don’t have any excuse. Buy it for yourself! Buy it for a friend! Buy it for a friend of a friend! It’s the perfect cheap holiday gift!

You don’t even need a Kindle to read it! Amazon provides FREE e-book reading software!

After reading it, if you think I sold it to you too cheaply, you can always donate extra money via my Pay-pal link, or purchase e-Sc@pe: Nascent in paperback! That way, you’ll have something tangible, something you can hold in this age of fleeting digital information that can vanish in the blink of an eye.


I know many people out there, especially younger people, probably think reading isn’t cool, and would rather watch t.v. or play video games. I strongly urge you to try it. A good book and your imagination can be more entertaining than any movie or game. It’s also excellent exercise for your brain and will improve your reading comprehension over time. This results in improvement in every aspect of your life.

Some younger people I’ve met that do read, they think an e-book will outlast paper media. I’ve ran across quite a few of them. They haven’t encountered data-rot yet.  This my counter-argument when someone says “books are dead”. There will always be a need for books. They take no electricity to read, and they’ve already withstood the test of time.  So even if it isn’t my book, I strongly encourage you to buy physical copies of your favourite books!  Start your own personal library.  Alas, I could go on and on about this subject; but I’ll save that for another post.

If you don’t get anything else from reading this, at least walk away with this. READ! It’s good for you!

About the Author

Eric N. FarmerEric Farmer is the author of the e-Sc@pe novels. He was born and raised in North Carolina. He currently lives there with his wife.

He graduated from High School in 1998. Later, he graduated from ECPI College of Technology. He studied Information Technology whilehe was there. He has worked in the I.T. industry for over twelve years.

His hobbies include swimming, fishing, computer gaming, and reading. He reads many different genres to keep his mind sharp.

He writes poetry, general Science Fiction and Fantasy stories as well. He is also a contributing editor of Dark Ride Magazine. It’s a free electronic magazine hosted on facebook.




(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly.

1.  Q – What’s a FAQ?
A – It’s what you’re reading right now. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

2.  Q – When will <name of book> be made available?
A – When it’s finished. I don’t want to rush something out the door just to get it out there.  It takes a lot of planning, writing, editing, etc. to produce a quality product.

3.  Q – Is writing your only job?
A – I wish. I’m a computer programmer / network admin. for a small company.

4.  Q – Can I have an autographed copy of <insert book name here>?
A – I’m flattered, really! I doubt it’ll get you much on e-Bay. Seriously though, it all depends on my finances, shipping costs, time constraints, etc. I’ve promised an autographed copy to a few, close friends. Hi Mom! Oh wait, I just remembered, she doesn’t read FAQ’s. So much for that… 😛  Maybe sometime down the road I’ll work that out. A bit too early to be thinking about right now in my humble opinion.

5.  Q – Why did you write about <technology / event / etc.> that way? It’s scientifically impossible!
A – Because it’s science fiction. It exists in my mind, and I wanted it to exist in the story / universe. Fiction being the key word. Try not to stress out so much about it. Life is much simpler that way.  🙂

6. Q – Can I ask you something?
A – Sure, post it as a comment somewhere. If it’s a serious question, or one that will make me laugh, I’ll probably answer it by responding to it, or just e-mailing you. I may even add it to this FAQ. If it’s spam, it goes into file thirteen.