e-Sc@pe Novels

e-Sc@pe is a series of fictional novels in the Sci-Fi /  Cyberpunk genre.

(pronounced e-scape, as in electronic landscape; sounds like email or e-mail if you prefer) 

It began as a little idea in the dusty corners of my mind.  Much like a mushroom, grew into something dark, gritty, yet tasty, with an appealing symmetry.  It’s also not bad with pizza.

Set in a dystopian future where technology often outpaces morality; the e-Sc@pe universe is a battleground of Corporatism, Socialism, Fascism, Technology, and everything in between. The poor, and the middle-class often find themselves caught in machinations of the rich and powerful.  Some accept their fate and become pawns, others stand their ground and fight back.  But all of them are unwitting soldiers of ideology.

Explore a dark world where each day is a struggle to survive; a future where information is power, and technology is king.

If dystopian futures chock full of technology, imagination, corruption and greed piques your interest, this is for you.


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