e-Sc@pe: Dual Core

Dual Core continues the story where Nascent left off.

In the aftermath of a powerful explosion, the core R-Tek members are separated. Back in Triad-City, they continue their battle against the Mega-Corp. Ghost is searching for answers. In Ghost-Net, something is very wrong. Penance knows Nick is in trouble but is left with more questions than answers.

Meanwhile, Tripp is unresponsive while Molly does her best to care for him in a harsh and hostile environment. Outside of the city, far away from any of her usual resources, she faces danger at every turn. She must find a way to protect the man she loves.

Help comes in the form of a mysterious stranger that offers knowledge and answers, but it comes with a price. Can he be trusted? What is his agenda, and how much does he know?

In a world where nothing is what it seems and everyone has an angle, uncover the depths of mystery, misdirection, and deception that defines the e-Sc@pe.

Status: Being Written

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