(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly.

1.  Q – What’s a FAQ?
A – It’s what you’re reading right now. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

2.  Q – When will <name of book> be made available?
A – When it’s finished. I don’t want to rush something out the door just to get it out there.  It takes a lot of planning, writing, editing, etc. to produce a quality product.

3.  Q – Is writing your only job?
A – I wish. I’m a computer programmer / network admin. for a small company.

4.  Q – Can I have an autographed copy of <insert book name here>?
A – I’m flattered, really! I doubt it’ll get you much on e-Bay. Seriously though, it all depends on my finances, shipping costs, time constraints, etc. I’ve promised an autographed copy to a few, close friends. Hi Mom! Oh wait, I just remembered, she doesn’t read FAQ’s. So much for that… 😛  Maybe sometime down the road I’ll work that out. A bit too early to be thinking about right now in my humble opinion.

5.  Q – Why did you write about <technology / event / etc.> that way? It’s scientifically impossible!
A – Because it’s science fiction. It exists in my mind, and I wanted it to exist in the story / universe. Fiction being the key word. Try not to stress out so much about it. Life is much simpler that way.  🙂

6. Q – Can I ask you something?
A – Sure, post it as a comment somewhere. If it’s a serious question, or one that will make me laugh, I’ll probably answer it by responding to it, or just e-mailing you. I may even add it to this FAQ. If it’s spam, it goes into file thirteen.

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