e-Sc@pe: Nascent just in time for the holidays!

e-Sc@pe: Nascent is nearly finished. It needs a couple more rounds of proofreading and editing to polish out the rough edges. But I will definitely have the e-book version out in time for the holidays. The paperback version should make it in time as well, but that’s a little more involved. Shipping time for the proof, any last minute changes that are needed, etc. could delay it. As soon as they go on sale, I’ll post the links here. Check back often, or subscribe and get an e-mail as soon as it’s available.

Nascent Preview Rewritten

I wasn’t happy with the flow of the Nascent preview, so I rewrote it. As in, I completely replaced the old one.  It also gave me a chance to flesh out some other things that happen later in the story.  I hope the added foreshadowing will serve as a more effective plot hook.  The feedback I’ve received on it was helpful.  My sincere thanks to all of you.

In other words, yes I actually do read comments people leave here.  My goal is to deliver a quality, engrossing story.  There is still no definite date on when the novel will be available.  However, I am spending more of my free time working on it.

2011 – End of Year Update

I apologize for the delay in posting new updates.  With the holidays, and some health issues, things have been a bit crazy around here.  However, I have been working on Nascent, the first novel.

A lot of new pages are in the works about the e-Sc@pe universe.  Thus far, I’ve held off on going live with them to avoid “spoilers”.  However, if there is enough interest in them via submitted comments, I may go ahead and post them to the site.

P.S. Spammers look elsewhere.  Comments are moderated.  I don’t need any body part enlarged, nor do I need any pills.  *shakefist*  “Now get off my lawn!”