Surgery Success – Hooray

I’m home now, hooray! The surgery went well. The hiatal hernia was pretty big. The incision hurts, but it is a different kind of hurt than before. You know, the good kind of hurt that lets you know something is healing, instead of the one that says, “Oww oww something isn’t right!” I still need to be careful and avoid sudden movements; Otherwise, it’ll light me up like a Christmas tree. 🙂

I have a big scar now(well it really isn’t all that big), and several little pokey-holes from where they tried key-hole surgery first. They are all healing up nicely. But most importantly, the problem is fixed.

If you ever need surgery, I recommend this guy; He is a general surgeon. He is good at what he does, he’s nice, and he has an excellent sense of humor. He also explains everything to you, so there are no surprises. Forsyth Surgical Associates

As far as activities go, I’m pretty limited at the moment. No lifting more than 10 lbs. for two months. My body needs time to heal and all that. However, I can eat soft foods; Christmas won’t be horrible at the dinner table. I’m still not moving around a lot, but I am making an effort to exercise so my muscles don’t get stiff.

I’m also writing in between naps, so progress is being made. It still isn’t going as fast as I would like it to go, but I suppose that’s just the way life works out.

I would also like to thank everyone for the well wishes. Those mean a lot to me. The cards are awesome too! I had them pinned to the cork board in my hospital room, and brought them home with me. It made me smile when I saw those right after surgery.

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